About Us

The Auditor-General is the head of the ACT Audit Office. The Auditor-General and the Office act independently of the Government. The Office assists the Auditor-General to carry out their duties, as set out in the Auditor-General Act 1996 and the Financial Management Act 1996, by undertaking audits of management performance and the financial statements of public sector bodies. The Auditor-General reports the results of these audits directly to the ACT Legislative Assembly.

The Office upholds the following values in the performance of its work:

  • Independence: our views are impartial and objective.
  • Integrity: we exhibit the highest standards of ethical behaviour.
  • Professionalism: our work reflects our commitment and is consistently of a high standard.
  • Respect: we are trustworthy, honest and respectful in our dealings with stakeholders.
  • Learning and innovation: we continually seek improved ways of performing our work.

For more information on the history of the Office, its role, functions or structure, or to contact us, refer to the links below.

For a copy of the ACT Audit Office's Performance Audit Program 2017-18 and Potential Audits to commence over 2018-19 to 2019-20, click here (403kb).

For a copy of the ACT Audit Office's Strategic Plan 2018-2021, click here (1,970kb).

For a copy of the ACT Audit Office's Public Interest Disclosure procedures, click here (994kb).

For a copy of the ACT Audit Office's Complaint Handling Policy and Procedures, click here (1,475kb).