Reports Published in 1993

  1. Management of Capital Works Projects
  2. Asbestos Removal Program
  3. Various Performance Audits Conducted to 30 June 1993
    a. Debt Recovery Operations by the ACT Revenue Office
    b. Publicity Unaccountable Government Activities
    c. Motor Vehicle Driver Testing Procedures
  4. Various Performance Audits
    a. Government Home Loans Program
    b. Capital Equipment Purchases
    c. Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
    d. Selection of the ACT Government Banker
  5. Visiting Medical Officers
  6. Government Schooling Program
  7. Annual Management Report for the Year Ended 30 June 1993
  8. Redundancies
  9. Overtime and Allowances
  10. Family Services Sub-Program
  11. Financial Audit with Years Ending to 30 June 1993