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The ACT Audit Office is currently recruiting for a permanent Manager, Financial Audits branch. For more information including a copy of the selection criteria and position description, please access the JobsACT website.

Applications for the role close on Monday 2nd April 2018.

Temporary Employment Register

ACT Audit Office Temporary Employment Register

The ACT Audit Office maintains a temporary employment register for people interested in obtaining temporary employment with the Office.

The register may be used to select staff for employment for up to 12 months in either a full time or part time capacity. ACT Public Service terms and conditions will apply to any employment.

All applications to the Office’s temporary employment register will expire on 30 June of each year. To remain on the register applicants will need to re-apply at the start of each financial year (1 July onwards).

Eligibility/Other Requirements:

Relevant tertiary, professional accounting, audit and information technology qualifications are highly desirable.

All applicants must be fluent in English.

Positions in the ACT Audit Office are considered as Designated Security Assessed Positions/Positions of Trust. To be eligible for employment with the Office, candidates will need to undergo a security clearance process. If a security clearance is not able to be obtained, then employment will be terminated.


To apply for placement on the temporary employment register, applicants are invited to submit their resume with the Office’s temporary employment register application form.

ACT Audit Office Temporary Employment Register Application Form

General Information

Conditions of employment

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